City Considers Plan For Removing Kiosk

The Harvard Square subway kiosk may be completely removed to reduce traffic congestion, according to a plan under consideration by Cambridge - Arlington officials.

The kiosk, now used by MTA buses as a loading platform, keeps traffic from moving freely, according to Mayor John J. Foley and the Cambridge City Council. "Even with street-cars removed, there would still be a bus every two and a half minutes, and that's too much traffic."

To investigate the Mayor's charge, Cambridge-Arlington officials made a 30 minute inspection tour in a special MTA bus Tuesday, but Foley called the trip a flop.

He said that he would ask for another tour because Tuesday's snow storm cut traffic and the bus did not make regular stops.

Foley has suggested running buses through the subway, but the MTA said that the cost of pumping out exhaust fumes was prohibitive.