Coolidge to Head New Arts Group

John P. Coolidge '35, associate professor of Fine Arts, was elected chairman of a liaison committee between the Graduate School of Design and the Fine Arts Department at the first meeting of the committee yesterday.

The group will consider possible plans for combined lectures, shared facilities, and jointly-sponsored exhibitions between the Graduate School and the College.

Serving under Coolidge are Leanord Opdycke '17, Chairman of the Fine Arts Department; Jean Paul Carlhian, assistant professor of Architecture; Ronald R. Gourley, assistant professor of Architecture; T. Lux Feininger, lecturer on Fine Arts; and Joseph Zalewsky, instructor in Drawing.

"The work of the committee is very important and has been much discussed in the past," Gourley said yesterday, "but I think that we may now have made the first real step toward some accomplishment."

The committee may set up joint guest lectureships, integrated instruction in elementary drawing courses, and combined studies.