Student Committee to Reorganize Fabian Society for Liberal Study

Re-organization of the Fabian Society, defunct since 1951, began last night with the formation of a student committee to draw up its constitution. The Society will probably be primarily a study group to help liberals develop an intellectual basis for their beliefs, Tim F. Harding '56, chairman of the committee, said.

Members of the Society will consider the constitution and elect officers at an open meeting on Tuesday. Undergraduate and graduate students who join the group before or at the meeting will be able to vote, Harding said.

Socialism Not Required

"Although the group is called the Fabian Society, students do not have to be socialists to join," Harding said. The Society will only exclude advocates of totalitarianism as required by the Student League for Industrial Democracy of which the group will be an affiliate, Harding said. "We have no connection with any Fabian groups," he added.

Members of the society must belong to the SLID unless they have a valid reason for not joining, James Farmer, Field Secretary of the League for Industrial Democracy, said last night. "While most LID and SLID members probably advocate socialism, many other members consider themselves liberal Republicans," Farmer said.

LID and SLID are tax-exempt educational organizations which do not lobby or endorse political candidates, Farmer said. He likened the relationship between the LID and the Fabian Society to that between the ADA and the Harvard Liberal Union.