Winthrop Defeats Pierson in I.A.B. To Win House-College Swim Title

Winthrop House swimmers avenged the Crimson varsity's loss by swamping Yale's Pierson College 35-15 Saturday afternoon in the IAB pool. The Puritans took first in four out of the six events.

A highly partisan group of about 25 Puritan students and tutors stood at the finish line to cheer in their winning team. In the first race, the 150-yard medley relay, Bob Eakin Ed Ginsburg, and Roger Clifton won handily in the time of 1:26.6. Clifton showed his durability when he later took first in the 50-yard freestyle in 25.4 seconds, while teammate Dave Whitman took second.

In a disputed 50-yard backstroke race, Steve Singer matched the Yale swimmer stroke for stroke, touching the finishing line within a half inch. The first place judge picked the Yale swimmer while the second place judge named Ginsburg winner. The decision was ultimately made by the timer who favored the Pierson racer. Singer did the distance in 29.9 and Ginsburg placed third.

Pierson College took first and second in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 57.8, with winthrop's Abba Kastan close behind. His time, 57.9, was the fastest he has ever swum the distance. All four swimmers finished within four seconds of each other.

The Puritans demonstrated superiority in the 50-yard backstroke again when Jerry Moulton and Bob Eakin took both first and second places. In the final event, the team of Rubin, Kaston, Singer and Rod Wolfe clinched the meet for the Puritans by swimming the 200-yard relay in 1:46.6.

The Winthrop team will remain a powerful contender next year since only one starter, Ed Ginsburg, is graduating. Captain Barry Sachs said last night that "We're coming right back to win next year."