Yardling Six Defeats Yale in 11-2 Triumph

Bob Cleary broke his brother's Yardling scoring record by four points when he tallied five times and assisted twice in an 11 to 2 rout of the Yale freshman hockey team at New Haven Saturday.

The Yardlings ended their season with a 20-1 record, and Cleary finished with 76 points. Bill Cleary's record had been compiled in a 16-game season.

Captain Bob McVey started the action when he broke into the clear and scored the first goal unassisted at 2:04 of the opening period. Cleary soon followed with two unassisted tallies, one when the Yardlings were two men short, and Woody Harris scored the fourth of a solo at 12:21.

The Yale freshmen scored both their goals within 15 seconds of each other midway through the third period. The Crimson retailated with there more in the space of 37 seconds.

Mcvey and Alex Kalil both had two goals and an assist, while John Wylde scored the final one.