Lacrosse Team Drops Two Games to Cornell, Syracuse

The varsity lacrosse team returned to Cambridge late last night after a near upset victory over a powerful Syracuse team yesterday afternoon at Syracuse and a loss to Cornell Monday at Ithaca.

Syracuse defeated the Crimson 19 to 15 and the Big Rid won by a score of 13 to 9. Syracuse only managed to eke out its triumph by concentrating its first lien men to outscore the Crimson in the game's second half by more than two to one. This was after a startling first half at the end of which the varsity led by 11 to 9.

The significance of the game does not, however, lie in the near upset. For the first time this season Coach Munro has succeeded in coordinating the midfield and attack, so that the two combined have become a definite goal-scoring threat.

The midfield scored five goals, half as many as the offense players, which is theoretically the perfect ratio between the two. This is the first time the midfield has been evident on the point list.

Jim Gale led the midfield with three goals, and Pete Palches and Fuzz Steuart each scored one. On the attack Captain Dexter Lewis scored eigth goals, while Larry Coburn and Don Davidoff tallied one apiece.

In the Cornell game the Crimson started to score only when it was too late to change the predicted outcome of the contest. Five of the nine varsity tallies were sunk in the final few minutes of the last half. The Crimson began slowly in the first half, tired in the start of the last half, and then seemed to gain the notorious second wind.

Lewis stood at the head of the scoring with four markers, while his attack mates, Coburn and Davidoff, tallied one and two, respectively. Palches and Fred Shart each scored one goal from the midfield.

John Ogden performed outstandingly in the goal during both games.