The Crime

Extract from: "Hearing before the Committee on Banking and Currency of the united States Senate, 84th Congress: on the Nomination of Andrew D. Orrick to be a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission."

The Chairman (Senator Fulbright): "Where did you go to school, Mr. Orrick?"

Mr. Orrick: "Yale University."

Sen. Fulbright: "Yale University?"

Mr. Orrick: "Yes, sir."

Sen. Fulbright: "Where is that"

Sen. Bush: "Senator, I am very glad you asked that question, because it shows something is happening to your memory, Yale having honored you two years ago with a doctor of laws degree."

Sen. Fulbright: "I just wanted to give the Senator from Connecticut an opportunity. . .

Sen. Bush: "I was going to bring that out a little later, and in a more friendly fashion."

Sen. Fulbright: "That is a very fine institution."

Sen. Bush: "As one of its trustees, I thank the Senator for that very generous observation."

Sen. Fulbright: "Mr Orrick, we are very pleased to have you here."