Army ROTC to Add Two Civilian Courses For Credit Reduction

Two civilian courses will be added to the Army ROTC program this spring to raise the academic standards of officer training at the University. The revised program will enable Army ROTC students to offer only 16 1/2 courses for their College degree.

One completely new half course--History 138, "Civil-Military Relations in Western Society"--and Government 159, "Government and Defense," may be used to fill both ROTC and academic requirements. Along with "American Military History," regularly offered as part of Military Science 1, the new courses will form the core of the revised program.

The curriculum changes, jointly developed by the Army and the Faculty, are intended to eliminate "the practical and psychological effects" of requiring ROTC students to carry 17 1/2 courses for an academic degree, according to Col. Trevor N. Dupuy, professor of Military Science and Tactics.

"It reduces the number of courses a students needs to graduate," he continued. "It indicates, too, Harvard's endorsement of the academic importance of key ROTC courses."