Dunster House Wins Fencing Tournament

Dunster took top honors in the intramural fencing tournament this week and closed the gap between it and first-place Winthrop by 40 points in the Straus Trophy race. Lowell and Adams tied for second place with 32.5 points each.

Philo Holcomb won first place for Lowell in Thursday's foil matches by defeating Christopher Del Sesto of Adams, 5 to 0. Charles Rutledge of Winthrop and Gene Law of Dunster tied for third place.

Dunster gained most of its points by winning the top two rankings and tying for third in the sabre matches Tuesday.

Dave Bynum of Massachusetts Hall, victor in the freshman sabre tournament, gained another first place in the foil contests with a 5-0 victory over Rollin Kearns of Hollis.

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