The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We wish to commend the CRIMSON on its recent editorial about the situation the Music I student faces in his attempt to listen to the required assignments. Since the printing of that article, Music I has added further difficulties to the situation. Victor Yellin, one of the section men in the course, announced that this term the department would not give the usual listening assignment review at the end of the term on WHRB. He explained that the purpose of cutting out the review is to force those students who ordinarily count on the review to pass the exam, to attend the listening labs and to do the required listening assignments. His contention is that those students who go to listening labs during the year do not need the review and those who don't go will not be helped by it.

Those of us who attend the listening labs regularly (and we feel that we are in the majority) disagree with Mr. Yellin. Review is necessary to assimilate the material covered in listening labs and to reestablish the music of the different periods in the minds of those about to take the exam. In view of the record shortage, the fairest and most successful way to give each student a chance to review the course is the usual WHRB review. It is a great asset, and we do not see why we should be penalized by a device which is designed to force the less conscientious to attend the listening labs. Therefore, we urge that the Music I teaching staff reconsider its decision, which we feel is a grave error. Donald Nawi '58   James Balley '56