Donations to PBH Increased

Charities Drive Reports

Phillips Brooks House, which in recent years had been having troubles making ends meet with its appropriation from the Combined Charities, will receive $1400 more next year, according to the list of Combined Charities distributions released yesterday.

As a result of an extensive publicity campaign last fall before the drive began, more people specified PBH as the recipient of their donations than in pervious years. This increased its share from $1327 in 1955-56 to $3750 this year.

Total contributions from the entire University reached $14,786, as compared to $13,671 last year.

Of the five other charities recommended on the pledge cards, Red Feather received $1264, American Friends Service and Fund for Negro Students, $740; World University Service, $345; and Salzburg Seminar, $311. The Damon Runyon Cancer Fund, while not listed on the pledge card, received $581 of specified contributions.

This upturn in the amount of contributions to PBH is the culmination of a situation which began in 1947, when the House agreed to forego its own highly-successful find-raising campaign, and join the Combined Charities Appeal. Since 1947, the amount of donations to PBH dropped from a high of $5000 to its low last year. Since it had fairly-well depleted the $10,000 savings which it had accumulated during and after the war and was now more dependent upon the donations from the Combined Charities, it was decided to stress the choice of PBH as recipient of individual pledges. The resultant increase in working capital will allow Brooks House to carry on its present program including all its planned special projects.


Gregory B. Stone '58, was elected chairman of the Combined Charities for the year 165-57, it was announced last night. He succeeds co-chairman David M. Dorsen '56, and Edward M. Strasser '56.

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