Fieser Gives Advice For Writing Reports

Louis F. Fieser, Sheldon Emery Professor of Organic Chemistry, yesterday gave some advice to pre-med students in need of Medical School recommendations.

In a prepared statement, he said:

"I think it time to share more fully with other members of my department the pleasure of writing recommendations. I shall continue to take care of any Chemistry 20 honors group members who wish to call on me, and I am also available to students who have taken no other chemistry course of comprable advancement (e.g. 40). Those outside either of the above categories who have taken or are taking Chemistry 40, 60, 105, 190, etc. should apply to the instructor in one of these smaller courses where there is more opportunity for personal contact. The appraisal by the Chemistry 20 teaching fellow in charge of your section is available to your recommender on request.

"I write just one letter, which is duplicated and which thus can easily be sent to all the schools for which you supply stamped and addressed envelopes. Please do not ask me to handle a part of the recommendations with the idea of distributing another part to someone else, for this is inefficient."