Too Late the Phalaropeis an excellent stage adaptation of Alan Paton's novel about love and the consequences of withholding it in Africa, or anywhere. Finlay Currie, as the upholder of a coldly rigid morality, is outstanding. It remains at the Colonial only one more week before becoming a hit in New York.

Harbor Lights is about a dissolute sailor and his wife (Linda Darnell) and her other husband. Because of superficial characterization it misses port completely, at the Wilbur.

Sixth Finger in Five Finger Glove is heavily larded with insipid humor and seems more thumbs than fingers, at the Plymouth.


Wages of Fear is sweaty, brutal, oily, grimy, and good. French existentialism rides a truckload of nitroglycerine to inevitable destruction. Bring your Spanish-speaking friends to the Brattle.

Bus Stop has Marilyn Monre, just out of Actors' Studio. She is corpulent and full of method. It's all very curious at the UT.

War and Peace, Tea and Sympathy, and Oklahoma are all great classics ruined by Hollywood respectively at the Metropolitan, Loew's State and Orpheum, and the Saxon.