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War Seen Improbable


The Future foreign policy of the Communist bloc will probably be aimed at fomenting revolutions in Asia and the Mid-East, Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government, and Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, assistant professor of Government, predict in their new book, "Totalitarian Dictatorship and Autocracy." The book will be released today by the University Press.

The authors contend that total war between the Communist and non-Communist worlds, while possible, is too theoretical to permit reasonable speculations. They also dismiss the likelihood, except in the satellite countries, of the overthrow of modern totalitarian regimes by internal revolution.

Promotion of Revolutions Expected

The Chinese Communists will probably continue to encourage revolutionary movements in Asia, Friedrich and Brzezinski assert. "There is also no doubt," the authors state, "that the areas of conflict and unrest in the Middle East will provide the Soviet Union with ample opportunities for political maneuvers to set in motion a revolutionary chain of events."

Friedrich and Brzezinski define totalitarian dictatorship as a historically unique form of government, which can arise only within the context of democracy and modern technology.

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