U.S. Senator Kennedy Nominated to Alumni Board of Overseers

United States Sen. John F. Kennedy '40, is one of 26 graduates nominated as candidates for election this spring to 13 major alumni offices of the University, it has been announced.

Candidates nominated with Kennedy for the board of overseers, with five to be elected are:

Raymond S. Wilkins '12, chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

Devereux C. Joseph '15, New York, chairman of the board of the New York Life Insurance Co.

J. Spencer Love '17, Greensboro, N.C., chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Burlington Industries, textile manufacturing.

Francis W. Hatch '19, Boston, vice president of Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborn, advertising agency.

Dwight P. Robinson Jr. '20, Boston, chairman of trustees of Massachusetts Investors Trust.

James J. Rorimer '27, New York, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Laurence E. Mallinckrodt '30, St. Louis, president and director of Scruggs, Vandervoort and Barney, Inc., department store.

John H. Pratt '30, Washington, D.C., member of the law firm of Morris, Pearce, Gardner and Pratt.

Gerard Piel '37, New York, editor of Scientific American, magazine.