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30-Day Waiting Period Ahead


WHRB's application for FM broad-casting privileges has been accepted for filing by the FCC, Victor F. Andrew '57, president of the radio station, revealed yesterday. The petition was submitted by WHRB's lawyers on January 12.

According to Andrew, this means that the Engineering and Legal Departments of the FCC have superficially scrutinized the application and have temporarily accepted it.

There must now be a 30 day waiting period during which anyone who wishes to contest the application may do so. Andrew said, however, that to the best of his knowledge no one would either "contest or protest" the petition.

In its original application, the station had applied for any one of four different channels, but the FCC has since limited it to 107.1. This channel has the disadvantage of being at the far right of the FM dial (108 is the last channel on the right), but it is technically superior to the other three channels applied for, in that it has less interference.

During the waiting period, the FCC will begin a more detailed scrutiny of the application, considering such aspects as the legal qualifications of the men responsible for the station, the financial resources of the station, and the type of program it intends to put on.

WHRB's 40-page application weighed eight pounds in quadruplicate and cost $6.29 to mail to Washington.

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