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The Mail


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It seems that the now infamous article entitled "Hayes Bickford" has elicited many responses. In keeping with the noncommittal, ambiguous style of the recent CRIMSON articles on the integration issue, both the bigot and "latent liberals" of the community have been satisfied. Congratulations on your spurious success.

Published in the Near East, Africa and Asia, it is abundantly clear that this article would surpass even the handiwork of John Foster Dulles. Published in the CRIMSON, it was to say the least, the height of poor taste. Admittedly, a liberal paper tells both sides of all important issues; however, a wallowing in vulgarities is certainly beyond the scope of a Harvard publication. Ideas worth being heard, it seems, are worthy of decent expression. Moreover, it has been years since such vile language has appeared even in most of the newspapers of the deep South. However, ambivalence neither justifies the vulgarities nor vindicates the author. Yet it was a good device for erecting the old ghost of racism.

Obviously the paradoxical, conflicting Southern argument isn't worthy of serious refutation. The ridiculous emotional thrattle is indistinguishable from one of Faubus' "better" speeches.

For insulting Negro students, for "enlightening" foreign students, and for the "liberal education" of the community the article proved to be an ultimate success. Amon Horme '60

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