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A Radcliffe graduate has demanded that German Free Democrats fight the "one-man rule" of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Sheilah Tobias Ungeheuer '57, now editor of the English language publication of West Germany's Free Democratic Party, attacked Adenauer in a front-page letter titled: Open Letter to John Foster Dulles.

The letter was printed at the height of Adenauer's recent re-election campaign. After criticizing the chancellor, it asked that Dulles investigate Germany's "one-man rule" before backing Adenauer's re-election.

Mrs. Ungeheuer launched her personal attack without the knowledge of political party leaders. Although the F.D.P. was shocked at first, it joined the Social Democrats in exploiting the issue in an all-out campaign against the Adenauer government.

Adenauer himself angrily denounced the letter at a press conference. "He was so mad he said I'd be lynched for the same thing in America," Mrs. Ungeheuer said. Her reply, however, was, "I am an American citizen and you can't prevent me from writing a letter to my Secretary of State."

Despite Mrs. Ungeheuer's efforts, the election results gave Adenauer a safe majority of 270 deputies in the Parliament. The Free Democrats control 41 votes and the Social Democrats 169.

But Mrs. Ungeheuer advised Adenauer's political enemies not to let the subject rest. Reviving a perennial political issue, she is advocating a continuous fight against the chancellor.

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