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It is generally conceded that women have their place. If "woman" is generously defined, it follows that the Radcliffe girl has her place. In an expansive mood, it might be said that the 'Cliffie Classmate makes a sensible contribution to the life and times of Harvard, or is, at least, forever giving hope of moving in that direction.

In recognition of her place in the College, the Radcliffe girl should be allowed to hold membership in what are now, officially speaking, Harvard organizations. The only obstacle to the merger is the Radcliffe Administration which is not so much worried about the girls as they are about the Administration's dignity. The Annex's officers never have felt very important, and this is understandable considering that their college is basically a boarding house for girls who attend Harvard. In the present situation, Radcliffe is trying to give the girls the benefits of joining Harvard groups while making an awkward attempt to raise Radcliffe's prestige. This is a noble ideal, but to attain it the 'Cliffe Administration is making inane demands of the Harvard groups involved.

The Radcliffe Administration wants the girls to be treated as equals with Harvard men and at the same time demand that all joint organizations have at least one Radcliffe officer. This is absurd. If the girls are our equals, let them compete as such. But past experience has shown that one Radcliffe girl can prove the downfall of innumerable members of Harvard College. They don't need any official help.

The 'Cliffe Administration also wants all merged organizations to have a "Harvard-Radcliffe" title, save by special petition. If a group wants to change its name, why not let them do it of their own accord. The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra did it, and the U.N. Council, which is mainly Radcliffe, will probably follow suit. If girls in other organizations want "Radcliffe" on the club stationery, let them campaign on their own. They usually get their way anyhow. If the Radcliffe Administration would cut the official apron strings, the girls will do just fine all by themselves.

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