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A gigantic golden bird accosted a Yale receptionist yesterday, demanding tickets to the Harvard-Yale classic.

"Watch it on TV, big boy," retorted the scantily-clad girl. "You can switch channels with that big mouth of yours, and if you like I'll come over and do the fine tuning myself."

"Sorry, gorgeous, but I'm all dated up," responded the big bird, who was actually none other than Thresky, missing Lampoon Ibis. "I must attend in person, because I am escorting the Yale Record Owl. We will appear in something big and round."

Encouraged by the girl's fascinated expression, Thresky added that he and his night-flying date had been pub-hopping in Manhattan. After a day of sight-seeing, including an exhausting flight to the top of the Empire State Building, Thresky took the Owl to the Stork Club for champagne.

The Ibis had departed from his perch atop the Lampoon building last summer, and persuaded the Owl to flee the Record two weeks ago. "We're nobody's birds-in-the hand," the tall bird muttered.

"But Thresky," queried the comely receptionist, "if you go to the game, aren't you and the Owl likely to lose your freedom?"

"I suppose you know," quoth the Ibis with a smirk, "what the Raven said."

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