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From the Closet


... a two-thirds favorable vote on the proposed change in the Constitution of the Student Council itself will effect a radical modification of that body.

With the College represented as it now is nothing can be expected. The system can be compared only to the "rotten borough" one of eighteenth-century England. Except that while in the latter case it often made for a homogenous Parliament of able if unscrupulous men, in the case of the Student Council it produces a heterogeneous body of undergraduates who, no matter how able in their individual fields, are seldom capable of even a normal performance of what should be the duties of Student Council members, and who exert all their scrupulosity to avoid anything so compromising as action.

Possibly the proposed plan will not be approved, possibly it will be amended. But whatever its particular failings and whatever its forte it deserves great consideration for it goes to the root of the matter. It looks in the right direction--towards the creation of a council which will represent not only the bodies but the minds of the undergraduates. --From the Harvard CRIMSON, February 28, 1924.

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