Keller Rows to Gain Famed Crew Teacup

Wars have been fought over women and land, but never over little pieces of china. But yesterday 36 students battled for a small painted teacup, the "Hackers' Cup."

Four varsity lightweight boats raced over the 1 5/16 mile lower Charles course for possession of the cup, whose existence is "so traditional no one knows when it started," according to Joe Brown, freshman crew coach.

Al Keller's boat, grabbing a two-length lead at the Massachusetts Avenue bridge, hung on till the finish to triumph by half a length over Ron Garmey's crew.

Keller's winning time in the annual event was 6:58, an excellent time for the fall season. Garmey trailed by two seconds, while boats stroked by Mark Hoffman and Kingsbury Chase battled for last place. Hoffman took third by only three feet.