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Church Says It Did Not Authorize ‘People’s Commencement’ Protest After Harvard Graduation Walkout


‘Welcome to the Battlefield’: Maria Ressa Talks Tech, Fascism in Harvard Commencement Address


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Indonesia Seizes Dutch Holdings In Face of Widespreading Riots; Court Rules Against Wiretapping


JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 9--Defense Minister Djuanda Kartawidjaja ordered all Dutch plantations and allied enterprises put under government direction tonight.

Plantation managers in Jakarta said they welcomed the action, as it might slow up efforts of estate workers to seize the properties on their own.

Fears of an economic collapse were spurred when three major Dutch banks in Jakarta kept their doors shut for half a day. At The Hague, the Netherlands government announced preparatory measures to block Indonesian accounts.

Supreme Court Bars Wiretapping

WASHINGTON, Dec. 9--The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that state-obtained wiretap evidence cannot be used in federal court trials.

However, the court ruled in another case that words heard by police who eaves-dropped on a telephone conversation at the request of the person called, may be used as federal court evidence.

Greek Cypriots Riot

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Dec. 9--Greek Cypriots rioted throughout this British-held island today as the United Nations plunged into debate on a solution for its troubles. Authorities used guns, tear gas and clubs against the rioters.

More than 50 persons were reported injured in battles with security forces in the east coast city of Famagusta.

It was the third day of rioting and demonstrations by Greek-Cypriots. Sir Hugh Foot, the new British governor, appealed for calm in a radio broadcast last night.

Eisenhower Nears Complete Recovery

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 9--President Eisenhower's chief assistant, Sherman Adams, said tonight the chief executive is "back in the saddle" and on the way to complete recovery. But, Adams added, the President's mild stroke on Nov. 25 points up the need for a constitutional amendment making it clear just when the vice president shall take over in the event of a president's inability to fulfill his duties.

A.P. News in Brief

The Office of Naval Research said today it has determined the exact cause of Friday's failure to launch a Vanguard satellite rocket at Cape Canaveral, Fla., but that the details cannot be made public.

A group of motormen struck the New York subway system for the second time in 18 months today, in defiance of court orders. They threatened to press the walkout indefinitely.

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