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Harvard-M.I.T. Committee


Individual members of the faculty have been "informally discussing" the creation of a committee to aid Cambridge in its Urban Renewal Program, John W. Teele '27 said yesterday.

Teele stated that several persons on the University faculty have been talking to M.I.T. faculty members about a joint-committee which would advise city planners.

The action by faculty members came in a response to a ten-point program proposed by Mayor Edward J. Sullivan at the commencement of Cambridge's Rogers Block project.

Sullivan asserted that "Cambridge should enlist the services of Harvard and M.I.T. planners . . . they know Cambridge. They can be of tremendous help to us in planning the Cambridgeport and Houghton project areas."

The mayor later said that the response from the University has been very favorable. "I've discussed the matter with a few people," he asserted, "and I think we'll have all the cooperation we want from the University."

Teele pointed out that the University faculty will not work as part of any Cambridge agency. The city has a planning office and 15 or so departments, he maintained, and "the only function of an outside group would be advisory." The Planning Coordinator added that the final design work on the Urban Renewal Projects would be done by the city.

Already Participating

Several University officials are already advising Cambridge on various plans. Jose L. Sert, Dean of the Faculty of Design, is chairman of the Cambridge Planning Board. President Pusey, Vice-President Edward Reynolds '15, and several Harvard faculty are members of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Cambridge.

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