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Eisenhower Ends Georgia Rest To Study Israel Sanctions Move; Bulganin Calls U.S. Plan a Trap


WASHINGTON, Feb. 19--President Eisenhower sped back from a Georgia vacation today to find himself caught in a political squeeze on the issue of sanctions for Israel.

On one side was an increasing body of congressional opinion against punishing Israel for her refusal to withdraw from Egyptian territory without nonaggression guarantees.

On the other side, the Arab world--which the United States has been wooing in an attempt to block Communist expansion in the Middle East--was crying for United Nations economic sanctions if Israel doesn't pull out.

There are two major developments in the squeeze today:

1. A unanimous vote by the Democratic Policy Committee in the Senate against sanctions. Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican leader, and other members of his party already have expressed opposition to sanctions.

2. A declaration by Foreign Minister Charles Malik of Lebanon that sanctions would be demanded in the U.N. Thursday and he hoped the United States would support the move.

Bulganin Hits U.S. Policy

MOSCOW, Feb. 19--Premier Nikolai Bulganin, bidding for Arab rejection of the Eisenhower doctrine, said today the United States has insane plans for world domination. These can plunge the peoples of the Middle East into the "hell of atomic and hydrogen war," he declared.

Bulganin called the Eisenhower doctrine "a colonial trap prepared by U.S. monopolies."

Communist party boss Nikita S. Khrushchev used the same forum--a Soviet Bulganin friendship meeting--to warn of other things. He called for two-fold vigilance.

Suez Tolls to Be Shared

LONDON, Feb. 19--The world's shipping nations have agreed to share Suez Canal transit tolls with Egypt on a 50-50 basis once the waterway is cleared for navigation, the British Foreign Office announced today.

The Foreign Office gave no details. But an informed source said the plan is intended only as a temporary measure to speed up shipping through Suez until a final international agreement is reached with Egypt on operating the canal.

Eden Suffers Fever Attack

LONDON, Feb. 19--Sir Anthony Eden, 59, who resigned as prime minister last month because of ill health, has suffered two attacks of fever aboard the ship taking him to a New Zealand holiday, government sources reported today.

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