Ford Foundation Publishes Its '56 Gifts to Harvard

The University received a total of $899,000 in grants from the Ford Foundation during the 1956 fiscal year for research and teacher training, the Foundation has announced.

In addition, Sheldon Glueck, Roscoe Pound Professor of Law, and Eleanor T. Glueck, Research Associate in Criminology, have been partially supported by Foundation funds. They have been assisting the Youth Board Research Institute of New York in a study of methods of early indentification and treatment of potential delinquents.

The Law School received the largest grant, $500,000, to educate legal instructors. This instruction is part of the Foundation's program to improve national legal education and public leadership. Two-hundred thousand dollars was given the University for individual professor ships to promote research on public leadership and political institutions.

The Foundation allotted $77,000 to the University for research in the behavioral sciences. Part of this sum was tabbed for research efforts on models for learning, and studies on imagination and learning.

These grants to the University were part of a $27.1 million Ford Foundation outlay, in the areas of mental health research and the behavioral sciences; public affairs; and economics and business administration. Another Foundation announcement will shortly describe its international program.

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