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The Mail


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Now that spring is almost here the Student Council would do well to revaluate its Domestic Grants program. I had presented a bill to the Council last year which would subsidize a student to the tune of $700.00 who wished to travel abroad during the summer of his Junior year for the purpose of completing a project in foreign relations that would benefit the Harvard Community. The intent of this bill was to fill a gap in the active promotion of foreign affairs on the undergraduate level which exists in the College.

A Representative, who actually was appointed and therefore representative of no one, succeeded in leading a reactionary Council in so emasculating the bill that it is not administrable. In its existing form, six hundred dollars would be given away to not less than two students desiring to work on unspecified domestic, or international projects. This small sum can be gotten from any department which thinks the project of the student is worth completing.

The Council has four alternatives. 1.--It should consider whether or not domestic grants of any kind should be given out. The budget is meager enough as it is without reapportioning funds extorted from Freshmen to students who may not need them. 2--If the Council wishes to promote some kind of a scholarship, it could be determined specifically for what kind of activity the funds should be directed. 3--Perhaps the Council should subsidize a Hungarian student and thereby get out of the home scholarship completely. 4--The Council could reconstitute my original intent and help a qualified Junior to go to Europe or Asia for the purpose of executing a project in the field of foreign affairs which will be of material interest to the Harvard Community.

In any event, the term should not be allowed to conclude as it did last year with the treasurer not allocating funds to the Scholarship Office as the Council had determined. Paul L. Scher '56

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