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Things being what they are at Harvard, we could scarce dare to believe the recent proposal that wafted like a soft breeze from New Haven--a chance to spend our junior year at Yale. Long has this been our secret, deeply hidden, oft-wished for desire--to be a Yalie.

We could forget our low marks and miserable social life if we could get to Yale and buy a genuine tweed jacket, a pipe, and a superior attitude. Not only that, but the professor who made the suggestion said we could "renew old high school friendships," which would be marvelous especially since we've avoided them for some time now. But we're told that Yale is a friendly school where people talk to each other or if they don't they can exchange knowing looks.

Not only should our dress and speech improve considerably, but our social status should climb enormously. But we are worried that when we get to Yale we may not be socially acceptable, as we've been told at several Harvard-Yale football games (by young men with pipes, tweed jackets, and superior attitudes) that we were not shoe. This word has puzzled us for some time, but if we get to Yale we would no doubt learn very quickly. Won't it be grand to be a shoe, or is it shue?

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