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Eliot Emphasizes Individualism

Rooms available in Eliot next year include mainly converted triples, and some doubles and quadruples. The range of prices is from $125 to $235 per man per half year. The number of vacancies will be 160.


Eliot's emphasis on individual initiative and achievements has mistakenly created the impression in the minds of a few inhabitants of the other Houses that it is some sort of exclusive Ivory Tower on the Charles.

But despite prevalent misconceptions, the success of Eliot men extends to more serious endeavors than merely those of being "clubbies" or recluses. The reserve and self-assurance of members of the House often stems from their pride in the excellence of Eliot House and in the contributions of students and the teaching staff to the academic community.

The number of Rhodes scholars (two Eliot students out of three appointed this year), senior class marshals, and captains of varsity sports has consistently indicated the variety of interests and accomplishments of seniors in the House.

Consequently in practically every club or organization, whether traditional or newly founded, Eliot House students have tended to play a leading part. The laissez-vivre policy of the House administration does not discourage a student from contributing to some phase of University life. But conversely, the House's facilities provide relaxation for juniors and seniors from the turmoils of extracurricular life.

A distinguishing feature of Eliot House is its dining hall, where the undergraduate gets to meet most of the tutorial staff during the year. In line with the House's unwritten policy, students are not expected, but are given an opportunity, to get acquainted with the outstanding instructors in different fields. Though House athletics are not regarded as a social obligation, the Elephants are generally well represented and have had notable successes such as winning the intramural crew trophy last Spring.

The spark to this unenforced House spirit is provided by House master John H. Finley, Jr., who learns the names of all the incoming sophomores within a short time, attends many of the House athletic events, and serves as master of ceremonies at the annual House dinner held in March on the birthday of the late President Eliot.

Senior tutor John J. Conway, absent on a sabbatical this year and temporarily replaced by W. Bliss Carnochan, has a less vivacious, but just as successful, approach with House members.

The staff of associates and tutors, many of them authorities in their fields, whose leaning has in the past been towards history and the humanities, now includes a greater number of men in the sciences.

The sextagon-shaped building, built along with the most recent of the Harvard Houses, has many large and comfortable suites, particularly those facing away from the adjacent MTA carbarns. But it is not for its physical setup that freshmen should choose Eliot House; instead they ought to consider the opportunities the House offers as far as meeting teachers and fellow-students, and as far as encouragement for constructive efforts in any field are concerned.

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