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Coach Holds Press Conference

By Richard T. Cooper

John Yovicsin, recently appointed head football coach, made it very clear at his first press conference yesterday that within the limits of the Ivy League, he will bend every effort toward "winning football."

Yovicsin outlined a formula calling for "total organization" of his staff, whose personnel will be announced within the next two weeks, plus maximum effort from the squad for successfully introducing his balanced T with spinning quarterback--emphasis on passing attack--at Harvard.

The former Gettysburg College coach, who met with the entire squad at an informal luncheon earlier this week, said "They want it and I want it."

But Yovicsin made it equally clear, "winning football" depends primarily on good players. He cited the attitude of such groups as students, alumni, and the University Administration as the third decisive factor.

"I want to be very emphatic about this," Yovicsin said, "coaches are just a cog in the wheel."

Facing up to the ticklish question of recruitment, the new coach said he understood that the Harvard policy was for groups of alumni to contact promising College candidates, athletic and otherwise.

"I have been informed that there are some very active groups and I hope they will continue and even increase," he said. "The more good talent that is sold on Harvard, the more chance of giving them the type of football they want," he explained.

At the same time, Yovicsin emphasized his complete agreement with what he termed the Ivy philosophy of football. It puts the game in its proper perspective in the whole picture of education, he said.

Specifically, Yovicsin announced his intention of taking maximum advantage of the lone organizational meeting permitted in the spring by Ivy League regulations. This meeting will be held soon after spring vacation.

At that time, Yovicsin revealed, he will introduce his T-formation system and set plans for beginning fall practice as soon after the September 1 opening day as possible. Further, he will outline plans for keeping in touch with the squad by mail over the summer.

The mail plan, utilized to some extent by Yovicsin's predecessor, Lloyd Jordan, will include not only technical material but definite plans for keeping players in condition before practice begins in the fall.

Questioned about the ban on spring practice, Yovicsin noted that Gettysburg did practice between winter and spring seasons, said, "there is no question about it, we will have hardships here . . . but with some luck and much co-operation from the boys we hope to be ready for the opening game."

To facilitate introducing a new system without spring practice, Yovicsin plans to keep his staff together throughout the summer.

Further, Yovicsin has conferred with Josh Williams, Bob Margarita, and Ted Schmidt, all members of Jordan's old staff. He expressed his intention of continuing these conferences.

Yovicsin named ball-handling, field generalship, quickness more than speed, and throwing skill as prime attributes of his quarterback, with ball carrying secondary. "We like to throw the ball," he explained.

But, he concluded, "I am positive that I will have to modify my system.

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