Ike Signs Post Office Relief Bill; Jordan Rule Firmly Entrenched; Teamsters Remain Behind Beck

WASHINGTON, April 16--President Eisenhower signed a 41-million-dollar appropriation bill for the Post Office Department tonight. Postmaster General Summerfield immediately announced the resumption of normal mail service, to be made effective within 24 hours. The money will provide additional operating funds for the remainder of this fiscal year, ending June 30.

"I am happy to announce the resumption of normal mail service and am gratified to have the overwhelming affirmative vote of the Congress giving the department funds for this purpose," Summerfield said last night. "Within 24 hours mail service will be back on nearly the same basis it was prior to the issuance of our order last Friday."

New Jordan Government Keeps Control

AMMAN, Jordan, April 16--Jordan's new government, which is expected to turn this Middle Eastern kingdom aside from its drift toward the Arab pro-Soviet camp, appeared to be in solid control today. Tough Bedouin troops and security police, who supported 21-year-old King Hussein when he placed his crown on the line at the height of Jordan's six-day political crisis, maintained strict order.

Teamsters Call Hearing Unfair

GALVESTON, Tex., April 16--The Teamsters' top command declared today that AFL-CIO accusations of corrupt influences were unsupported by specific charges and that it would attend no hearings until "fundamentals of fair adjudication" are assured.

The executive board of the 1,350,000-member union said when a hearing under satisfactory conditions is held the entire board will answer the charges, not just President Dave Beck, target of Senate and AFL-CIO investigations.

New Atomic Fallout Antidote

Scientists yesterday reported that veinal infusion of calcium is a promising antidote for dangerous radioactive strontium from A-bomb or H-bomb fallout. They also said that the silent clam, due to its peculiar attribute of absorbing radioactive atoms, will reveal fine fallout, which would otherwise be hard to detect.

A.P. News in Brief

The New York Drama Critics Circle annual award for the best play of the year yesterday went to Eugene O'Neill's drama, "Long Day's Journey Into Night," which scored 19 out of a possible 20 votes.

Robert Strom, 10, tonight became television's biggest quiz show money winner. Juggling five different fields of science in his head, he won $192,000.

The fired-up Montreal Canadiens retained the Stanley Cup, symbolic of National Hockey League supremacy, for a second consecutive year tonight, defeating the Boston Bruins 5-1.

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