Heavy Crew to Race

In reality, the varsity heavy crew has everything to win and nothing to lose tomorrow afternoon when it races Penn and Navy on the Skuylkill River for the Adams Cup. The Crimson eight has to be rated as the underdog, but they have an excellent chance to upset the Eastern rowing applecart.

In its last two races, the varsity has only has to worry about one boat (Syracuse or Princeton), but tomorrow afternoon the situation will be somewhat different. Both Penn and Navy have strong and relatively young crews that have started off well this year.

If the varsity can win this race, as they did last year, it will establish itself along with Yale and Cornell as one of the top crews in the East. But to accomplish this end, the Crimson will have to row its best race of the year. As coach Harvey Love commented, "we rowed well against Syracuse and Princeton; we will have to do even better tomorrow afternoon."

Navy will be the favorite tomorrow afternoon, but only by the slightest of margins. Using the Princeton crew as a basis of comparison, it can be seen that Penn and Navy are practically even, with Harvard a close third. The Middies beat the Tigers by a foot on April 20 with the very good time of 8:45. Princeton then in turn beat Penn by the same margin and the Crimson by about one-half a length.

All these statistics, of course, can become meaningless on the whims of the weather. The Crimson's times this year have fluctuated from 8:48 against Syracuse to over 9:30 against Princeton. This last clocking looks somewhat ridiculous compared with the other, but it was accomplished while rowing into the teeth of a typical Charles River gale.

The JV's have a new stroke, as Love has moved up Carlo Zezza from the third boat to take the place of Henry Jordan. Zezza stroked the varsity against Yale last year and alternated the rest of the year with the present first boat stroke, Fritz Schwarz.

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