Athletics For All

They may sail on the Charles, relax on a mat (body mechanics), shoot arrows, ride horses, go bowling, play field hockey, or even fence; it makes little difference. But somehow, almost in whatever way they fancy, Radcliffe girls must take a year of physical education.

Not so long ago--during the Second World War, as a matter of fact--the requirement was for two years. In those days, there was more emphasis on physical fitness. Indeed, Radcliffe even had its own crew, which raced against a Harvard eight on May 19, 1945.

While crew is no longer offered--it passed away in 1946--there are still currently some 17 sports from which the 'Cliffe girl may choose. They range from the very strenuous to the not-so-very. Through it all, however, these words of 'Cliffite Elizabeth Odlen, written in 1907, should be kept in mind:

To climb and jump and run and dance

Makes maids both tall and strong;

In hall and tank, at basketball

'Tis well to frolic long.