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Supreme Court Rules Du Pont Control of General Motors Illegal; Senate Group Harms Ike Plan


WASHINGTON, June 3--The Supreme Court today called for a splitup of one of the world's mightiest industrial empires, the Du Pont Co. and General Motors.

In a 4-2 decision, the court ruled that Du Pont's 23 per cent stock interest in GM violates the Clayton Antitrust Act.

Justice Brennan, who spoke for the majority, said Du Pont "purposely employed the stock to pry open the General Motors market to entrench itself as the primary supplier of General Motors' requirements for automotive finishes and fabrics." Justices Burton and Frankfurter assented.

The decision reversed a ruling by U.S. Dist. Judge Walter J. Labuy in Chicago.

Amendment Permits Jury

WASHINGTON, June 3--A jury trial provision won approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee today over protests of administration backers that it would seriously weaken the civil rights bill.

The amendment would guarantee trial by jury to persons accused of contempt of court in civil rights cases.

Eastland, who supported the amendment while continuing to oppose the civil rights bill as a whole, said the section added today would give civil rights defendants the same right trade unionists now have in labor injunction cases.

Backers of the administration bill argue, on the other hand, that Southern juries in particular would be unlikely to convict a person charged with violating court orders in voting or other civil rights cases.

Eden Returns

LIVERPOOL, England, June 3--Former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden returned to England today and said his health will bar him from ever holding public office again.

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