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America Backs Continuance During Disarmament Talks


UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., Sept. 29--The West prepared a strong U. N. defense tonight for its stand that nuclear tests should not stop until there is agreement on other disarmament steps. India, Japan and the Soviet Union have challenged that position.

Western sources said Britain, Canada, France and the United States, in the 12-nation U. N. Disarmament Commission tomorrow, will stand by the proposals they made to the Soviet Union in its five-nation subcommittee in London Aug. 29.

The Commission will meet to relay to the 82-nation General Assembly a report on the inconclusive private talks the subcommittee held in London from March 18 to Sept. 6.

Inspection without Disarmament

India, Japan and the Soviet Union will push resolutions for suspension of tests--with inspection but without actual disarmament--in a disarmament debate expected to start late next week.

They seek to stop radioactive fallout, which some scientists say has already reached the point where it endangers present and future generations. Western spokesmen have argued that to suspend tests without otherwise disarming would hurt the West's nuclear power while preserving the Russians' advantage in manpower.

Lodge to Speak

An American source said U. S. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge, in a major speech, would make a forceful case for the West's London proposals.

The proposals as written would delay suspension of nuclear tests until inspection posts had been agreed upon to check on disarmament.

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