Masters Meet To Consider Housing Poll

Juniors Give Varied Reasons for Change

House Masters will meet this morning with Dean Watson to consider results of last week's poll on whether members of the Class of 1959 prefer to live outside the University's seven-House dormitory system.

The poll was taken in order to determine how many juniors want to live outside the Houses, and what their reasons are. By allowing some students to live in private lodgings, it is hoped that the number of freshman "forced commuters" can be decreased next year, and that commuters in the Class of 1961 can be reduced.

Watson said yesterday that he did not expect the Masters to reach any decision today. He stated that he thought they would want to talk with students who desire to live outside the Houses in an effort to decide whether reasons given were legitimate.

After that, if any decision is reached in favor of moving out, Watson said that he felt it would be decided by the Masters and a committee of the Administrative Board.

Watson reported that the results of the class-wide poll would be tabulated by this morning and broken down on a House basis. He said that all variables on the six-question inquiry would be considered.

Yesterday more than 600 juniors had already responded to the poll, Watson said. He stated that reasons given for moving out of the House ranged from "better accomodations" outside the system to "less noise" in private apartments.

The reason most often mentioned for moving out of the system, Watson said, was signing-off board charges and greater privacy.

He stated that some students had listed "freedom from parietal rules" among their choices for wanting to move into Cambridge apartments and rooming houses.