Radcliffe Rejects Support of News In Student Vote

Radcliffe students voted 307 to 257 against Student Government Association support of the Radcliffe News in the referendum held last Thursday.

First reports giving the final decision as 265-203 against the News were invalidated when Vyola G. Papps '59, editor of the News, pointed out that less than the required half of the student body had voted.

Later votes, collected mostly from Comstock Hall, the commuters, and off-campus houses brought the total number of votes over the necessary 553, according to Marjorie P. Zoet '61, Radcliffe electoral chairman.

Several of the students voting against the News suggested that SGA publish a mimeographed sheet or a magazine to replace the newspaper. The SGA plans to discuss these and other ideas for alternative publications at a meeting Tuesday.

Miss Papps and members of the News staff will meet Wednesday to decide whether or not the paper can continue publication without SGA support. Earlier, Miss Papps reported that without $365 from the SGA, the News would "go out of business."

The News' financial difficulties began last spring when the student body voted to abolish compulsory subscription rates in a bi-annual referendum. Several students felt that it was undemocratic to require all undergraduates to pay for a paper only some of them wanted.

SGA took action on the matter when only 400 subscriptions were sold this fall in spite of an all-out sales drive by members of the News staff, according to Nancy L. Proger '59, president of SGA.