Houses to Play Yale Colleges in Football, Soccer Games Here

Championship contests in football, touch football, and soccer will highlight 12 games between the Houses and the Yale colleges this afternoon. In addition, the freshman touch football champions from Matthews North will face the Eli title-holding North Middle team.

Dunster's football team, which took a playoff game from Winthrop to win the House championship, will oppose Jonathan Edwards College at 2:30 p.m. At 2:15 p.m., Adams' championship soccer team will play Peirson College, while Leverett is scheduled to oppose Peirson for the touch football title at 2:45 p.m.

Trailing Winthrop until the final two games of the season, Dunster, led by quarterback Gordy Wade, managed to pull the title out with a 6 to 0 victory. Rumors that the Puritans were going to kidnap Wade had been circulating for several days before the game, but he was on the field to direct the team.

Adams' soccer team, riding the crest of 12 straight shutouts in intramural play, will face Peirson with Dale Bower in the goal. A strong defense allows the aggregation to build up an early lead and sit tight for the rest of the contest.

The team uses a converted lacrosse defense, the Maryland Ride, for clearing the goal. The goaltender holds the ball and doesn't kick until the forwards are in position upfield.

Training regulations for the varsity basketball team will bench three of Leverett's ace starters, Bob Repetto, Dave Grayes, and John Fox. However, the Bunnies, who went undefeated in league play, will still be sparked by the passing of Ollie Houck and Bob Downs.

Matthews North, winners of the freshman touch football championship by virtue of their play-off game triumph over Matthews South, will go into the championship game unbeaten.