Mt. Holyoke Poll Rates Collegians

Harvard men were "considerably" better received than their Ivy League brothers in a college poll conducted by the Mt. Holyoke News, according to according to Danny Broggy '59, editor of the paper. One dormitory, Porter Hall, dominated the balloting, Miss Broggy admitted.

Comments ran from one extreme to the other. "Intelligence plus," wrote one girl. "Extremely conceited," claimed another. The consensus, however, was that the Harvard man is "well-read, diversified--the ideal date." One said that he is "less socially adept" than his Ivy League counterpart, but she added, "I think they're nicer."

A large majority of freshmen thought that the men's colleges can be typed. "My opinion would be decidedly different," Miss Broggy asserted. She pointed out that upperclassmen concur in this feeling.

Yalies were considered "much less intellectual, conformists, gung ho." Princeton's Tigers were swept aside as "smooth, social-minded, definitely conformist."