Bullitt Announces Tutors, Rent Pattern for Quincy

Names Four to Staff

Alfred B. Harbage, professor of English, was appointed one of the resident tutors of Quincy House by John M. Bullitt '43, Master of the new House. Both Mr. and Mrs. Harbage will reside in the House.

Bullitt described Harbage as a man who best combines "the abilities of an admirable teacher and a good scholar."

Mrs. Suzanne H. Rudolph, instructor in Government as of January 1, has been appointed a non-resident tutor at Quincy. Her husband, Lloyd Rudolph, also to become an instructor in Government this January, is a non-resident tutor at Dunster House. Bullitt said he realizes that there may be some dissent about having a woman as a House tutor but, "I am delighted to find someone of Mrs. Rudolph's intellectual stature and I see no reason for discrimination here."

Other Appointments

Other appointees named yesterday by Bullitt are David D. Perkins '51, instructor in English, as a resident tutor, and Thomas M. Woodward, teaching fellow in History and Literature, who will be either a resident or non-resident tutor. Other members of the tutorial staff will be named in January according to the distribution of majors among upperclassmen transferring to Quincy House.

Screening Applicants

Bullitt and David Riesman '31, Henry Ford II professor of Social Sciences and one of the Quincy associates, have been interviewing almost all of the applicants for the new House. Only candidates for Quincy House who are not either accepted or rejected are being interviewed.