Leverett Gives 'Unprecedented' $100 Gift to Combined Charities

Drive Extended 3 Days

The Leverett House Committee has voted to contribute $100 of its own funds to the Combined Charities Drive "in an unprecedented and farsighted gesture," Denis D. Barber '60, chairman of the drive in Leverett, announced yesterday.

"This marks the first time ever that a House Committee has given to the drive; perhaps now the other Houses may follow our example," Barber said.

He added that the House Committee felt the benefit derived from giving to the charity drive "would be as much as that gained by spending the money in another way." The $100 gift is earmarked for the United Fund.

John J. Conway, Master of Leverett House, commented, "I think this move was a very generous and exemplary thing for the Committee to do. Any assistance given to the Combined Charities is certainly admirable."

Despite the Leverett gift, however, the chairmen of the College-wide drive have decided to extend solicitation until Monday, since "only three-quarters of the undergraduate body has been contacted and we are still short of our goal."

About 1000 undergraduates remain to be solicited, drive officials estimate, and after they have been seen, "we will obtain and surpass our goal."

Last evening's solicitations should bring the drive's total to about $10,700, but solicitors hope for an eventual $12,000, as well as 100 per cent participation.

A spur to the drive came yesterday with a solicited message from Deans Bundy and Monro, who noted, "what parents have done is their concern--this Drive is yours. Giving is something Harvard men have habitually done well."

They urged donations because "giving that counts is always a personal matter;" second, "this is a Drive for causes chosen by the College;" third, "more than a hundred men have been working every night to try to do this once-a-year job."

As of last night, Lowell House led with $375, and Leverett House's contribution raised it to second place with $278.