Fuller Commences Lecture Course To Encourage Use of Esperanto

Words, Words, Words

Thirty-five persons arrived at Phillips Brooks House last night prepared to surmount the difficulties of Esperanto. They soon found out that the difficulties are few in mastering the international language.

In 15 minutes they learned the complete grammar of the international language from Graham E. Fuller '59. Within 45 minutes the linguists were all back out in the cold Cambridge air, prepared to chirp, "Cu vi parolas esperante?" to shivering policemen.

"Esperanto speakers are not related to fanatic groups like vegetarians," Fuller declared to his class. He claimed that the language is now, according to a conservative estimate, spoken by about two million people, "or by eight million figuring optimistically."

Pointing to numerous works translated into Esperanto, including the Divine Comedy, Fuller denied that the "artificiality of the language compared with English is any more objectionable than that of an automobile with a horse."

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