City Council Discusses Rotary Traffic System With Board Members

Members of the Cambridge Traffic Board appeared before the City Council yesterday to discuss the recently terminated rotary traffic experiment around the Common.

Richard J. Linehan, Chief of the Cambridge Police, said that the board had voted to recommend permanent adoption of the one-way pattern, without any modifications. The letter of recommendation was sent to the City Manager's office but was not forwarded to the Council.

In response to questioning by Councillor Joseph A. DeGuglielmo '29, the chief said that the Board had not been notified of the Council's decision last week to permit left turns into Garden St. from Mason St. and Appian Way. He agreed to have the "No Left Turn" signs removed from the intersections.

Edward F. Tierney, head of the Traffic Board, told the Council that he had recommended adoption of the one-way plan, but noted that while it was in operation "pedestrians did not really have a break."