Faculty Group Approves Golf, Lacrosse Funds Cut

Cites Need for Economies

The Faculty Committee on Athletics last night gave its approval to the measure which will reduce the lacrosse and golf teams from team to club status.

They emphasized that this was a forced economy move, made only after a search for "alternative economics."

Donald M. Felt '49, assistant Director of Athletics, yesterday explained further the Athletic Department's decision to reduce drastically the support for these two sports.

"Rising costs had forced the Department to cut down on its expenditures. After having made every reasonable cut in operating expenses of every sport, we found that we had still exceeded the amount of money which the Corporation would allot to us for the coming year.

"Therefore," he said, "it was a choice of making even further cuts in budgets all along the line, thus, in effect, putting every sport in an unfair position when competing with the other teams in the league. Or we could cut down drastically on our support to these teams, at least providing for the minimal needs of the other sports. After careful consideration, we chose the latter course."

Will Provide Facilities

Felt emphasized that the Athletic Department would extend every help it could, other than financial, to enable these teams to continue in intercollegiate competition. This help would include providing coaches, fields, locker, medical, and other Dillon facilities for the lacrosse team, as well as coaches for golf.

However, the teams themselves would have to provide for their travelling expenses as well as new equipment.

Contrary to the earlier story in the CRIMSON, the teams will not lose their minor sports status because of this move, but will rather continue on a club basis. This means that they will receive their minor insignia as they do at present.

In addition, fencing is not included in this economy move, as had been reported.