Irate Student Corrals Soc Sci Section Man

"O.K. Corral," the temporary fence built around Boylston Hall, claimed its first victim last night, as a Soc Sci 5 section man was shot in a duel with a sophomore.

Petrarch G. Erasmus '51 died on Mt. Auburn St. after crawling halfway to Stillman Infirmary. With blood pouring from a wound in his chest, the dying section man gasped, "I gave the guy a 'D', so he challenged me to a duel."

The sophomore, Herman H. Hall '61, was quickly cornered by Dean's Office agents and readily admitted the incident. "So I didn't turn the exam sheet over, so I didn't see half the exam," he snarled.

Dean Watson called the duel "most deplorable," and said that the "corral," which had been intended as a mating pen for the Chinese dragons, had "tasted sin." Watson indicated, however, that Hall's grade would be raised. "The University can do nothing to impair the obligation of contract," he said.