Education School Plans To Construct Building

$3 Million Structure Will Centralize Facilities; Gifts Asked From Foundations, Companies

The Graduate School of Education will build a $2.5 to $3 million building on the corner of Kirkland and Oxford Streets. Dean Francis Keppel said this new structure will centralize all the school's facilities, now located in seven different buildings and frame houses.

Keppel said the School is "currently seeking funds" for the project, particularly from foundations and corporations. Because of the Program for Harvard College and the low income of its alumni, Keppel said the School's soliciting power is limited.

Within its regular operating budget are funds from the Ford, Rockefeller, and other Foundations, but these grants cannot go to building. Keppel said during November and December he will campaign more actively to "interest foundations primarily in contributing to such a building."

He added that many corporations, especially scientifically-oriented companies, presumably can be persuaded to give to the School of Education. "Obviously, our alumni can make only small gifts," Keppel said.

School Has Shown Growth

Already approved by the Corporation, the new building will rise as high as necessary, and extend from what is now Peabody House toward Lawrence Hall. The estimated 75,000 square feet will house classrooms, a library, administrative offices, common rooms, and faculty a new building.

Until the School raises more money, though, Keppel said no architects can be hired to make the exact drawings necessary for construction.