M.I.T. Will Quit N.S.A. Thursday, Predicts Student President

M.I.T. will "probably withdraw from the National Student Association, Christopher R. Sprague '60, president of the M.I.T. student body, announced last night. The decision should become official next Thursday at a meeting of the Institute Committee--M.I.T.'s student council.

Last week, the committee took tentative steps toward disaffiliation, by deciding not to attempt "drastic corrective action" while remaining in NSA. Instead, they moved to consider a report made last summer by M.I.T.'s three-man delegation to the National Student Congress.

The committee agreed that this report, charging that NSA "does not fulfill its constitutional aims," provides sufficient grounds for withdrawal. Final decision has been postponed, however, "until an NSA official comes to address the committee"--probably on Thursday night, according to Sprague.

Sprague said he is "not convinced" that disaffiliation is the wisest course of action for M.I.T. "If we remain part of NSA," he explained, "we might be able to change its policies; especially with the help of colleges like Harvard."