Varsity Football Squad to Face Columbia Cornell, Penn Favored in Weekend Games

After a few surprises in last weekend's full schedule, the Ivy League football standings begin to take shape. The eight teams have now jostled into position, but even so, any prediction on an eventual winner, or even a leader, by next Monday would be no better than a guess.

The game to watch tomorrow will be in Ithaca, N.Y., where Cornell--if it's permissible to use the word now--will meet second-place Yale. Cornell coach Lefty James apparently likes to win his ball games after the fans have headed towards their cars. His Big Red team eked out a 20-15 win over non-Ivy Colgate three Saturdays ago with 19 seconds left to play. And last week, of course, Cornell won with 24 seconds left, in a local game that Cambridge residents would just as soon forget.

Cornell Favored Over Yale

James's modesty aside, the Ithacans need more than luck to win those close ones. The Red team is strong and must be given the nod over Yale. The "nod," though, will be only slight, because the Bulldogs are making last season no more than a bad memory by staying undefeated, untied, and unscored upon in three games.

At Soldiers Field tomorrow plenty of questions should be cleared up. Several were supposed to be answered in last week's game, but the outcome of that one left only more questions: Can the varsity snap back after that tough disappointment? Just how good is the Crimson? Can it beat Columbia's "muddle huddle"? Even: Will success spoil Charlie Ravenel?

The team has been spirited and active in practice this week and seems ready. But Harvard scouts have told coach John Yoviscin that "Columbia can beat any team in the League on any afternoon." Columbia has one of the League's top passers, Tom Vassell, at quarterback, although Yale's line last weekend rushed him so effectively that he completed only four passes in 20 tries.

Another headache for the Crimson line may be the Lions' "muddle huddle," which must be seen to be understood. The Yalies reportedly watched movies before last week's game of a New Haven sandlot pickup game and were ready to thwart the unusual Columbia formation. The Bulldog line chose not to jitterbug with the flankers and split ends, but rushed right in to stop the backfield.

At Philadelphia, league-leading Penn (3-0) should stay on top with a win over Brown. The Bruins held apparently over-rated Dartmouth to a scoreless tie, but will still enter Franklin Field a little timidly.

The Indians, who are staying away from the Ivy rat race for a week, face Boston College at Brookline, and in Princeton the Tigers are favored over Colgate.