Haugen Will Fill Reactivated Chair I'n Scandinavian

Einar I. Haugen will fill a conspicuous gap in the Faculty next July when he becomes the University's only professor of Scandinavian Languages.

Stuart P. Atkins, professor of German who is curently teaching Scandinavian B, yesterday called the present vacancy a "matter of great concern" and the appointment of a new professor in the field of Scandinavian Languages "long overdue."

Haugen, who is now Thompson Professor at the University of Wisconsin, will teach both graduate and undergraduate courses with a probable emphasis on Norwegian, Henry C. Hatfield, Chairman of the Germanic Languages Department, said yesterday.

Seconding Atkins' opinion that the Scandinavian field must be strengthened, Hatfield noted that another Scandinavian, Gunnar Boklund, will take over instruction of Scandinavian 50 and an upperlevel course in Swedish literature.

The University has been aware of the need for a professor of Scandinavian since the end of World War II, Atkins said. There was a man in this chair during the 1930's, but after his death the endowment was judged too small to continue the professorship. Additional funds since appropriated from the Program for Harvard College have made Haugen's appointment possible.

A member of the Wisconsin faculty since 1931, Haugen has made an extensive study of linguistics.