Indian Thousands Crowd Streets In Warm Welcome to President; U.S. Will Fire Weather Satellite

NEW DELHI, India, Dec. 9--Asia's greatest democracy engulfed President Eisenhower tonight in an emotional welcome which got out of control. At one point, Secret Service guards rushed into the car beside the President as thousands of Indians pressed against it in a display that was at once inspiring and terrifying.

Perhaps a million and a half Indians joined in the greatest welcome this country ever has given a foreign visitor.

The throngs crumpled police lines, repeatedly halting the open car in which Eisenhower was riding with Nehru. Once the chiefs of state were surrounded for more than 15 minutes by a sea of cheering people.

At the end of the 11-mile, two-hour ride from the airport to India's presidential palace Eisenhower stood ankle deep in flower petals.

Thor-Able to Lift Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Dec. 9--The United States may soon give its weathermen an orbiting observation station 400 miles in space.

Plans call for launching two experimental meteorological satellites containing cloud-scanning television cameras. The first, weighing 250 pounds, is scheduled for a mid-January launching by an Air Force Thor-Able rocket. The other will be sent up later next year.

If successful, the project, called Tiros, will provide meteorologists with enough pictures to reconstruct cloud patterns ove ra large portion of the earth. This will enable them to quickly spot developing storms and cold fronts.

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